5.8.2017 ~ We fixed the donation link, which goes over to the S.O.M. Shop over at selectionsofmadness.com/Shop

6.3.2015 ~ We are still at work on updating/moving everything over! We are starting with the definitions first, then moving in order:  teams–> people–> events–> misc.  Please remember old users will need a new username & password to edit/login. Thank You for staying with us  as we grow! Any questions please email us!

4.18.2015 ~ Launched www.paranomraldictionary.com 2.0, definitions are being repopulated & added daily… stay with us 😀


Q:  How Do I Sign up?
A: As of now we are offering invite only to the site, but if you want to be added email: webmaster@paranormaldictionary.com!

Q: I see something that is wrong on the site (a definition, grammar, source, etc.) How can I help fix that?
A: E-mail: webmaster@paranormaldictionary.com and lets us know, include the source(s) for so we may reference it or we can’t confirm that the change is legit!

Q: What are the rules to making a new page?
A: All pages should be factual, and in dictionary style (no use of I, we, etc. – unless in missions statement).  As well references are required for pages. Templates are provided for each type of page (team, person, show, etc.)

Q: Why do you require references in pages?
A: Simple, we only want truth and knowledge on this site, by referencing where a fact/quote/etc. came from it helps to support that it is real.  Example: Anyone can say they were in a local paper, A link/scan/etc. to said paper helps proves it.

Definitions, Groups, Places, People & Events!