Spirit Realm Investigation

Spirit_Realm_Investigations_(SRI)Spirit Realm Investigation (S.R.I./SRI) was founded in 2010, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. S.R.I. is a team dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena and reporting its findings in a factual, unbiased manner. Originally founded by tour guides working for Ghostly Images in historic Gettysburg, PA., but is in no way affiliated with Ghostly Images. These tours would take guests into the Jennie Wade House & Museum and Orphanage (formerly the Homestead Orphanage) for true tales of history, and stories of the paranormal. Due to the guide’s many paranormal encounters in these two Civil War era buildings, and the surrounding property, this group was originally formed to investigate the ghostly goings-on in these two specific locations.

Over time, the S.R.I. team’s objectives evolved to encompass investigating other areas of Gettysburg, long reputed to be a hot-bed of paranormal activity, and eventually to include Pennsylvania as a whole, and surrounding states. Each member of the S.R.I. team brings to the table a unique skill-set, and varied expertise in an assortment of related fields of study. With their combined research into the realm of the paranormal, they hope to present their body of evidence to the public, so that they might share in the experience, and in an effort to further the field of paranormal investigation. In addition, S.R.I. is devoted to helping those in need, and to this end, provide investigation and research into reports of paranormal activity from the public at large. They charge no fees for their services, and are driven solely by a desire to provide information, understanding and support to those who’s lives have been disrupted by paranormal activity.

This group formed because their combined paranormal experiences drove them together to seek the truth and understand the activity that occurs all around them. They offer their knowledge freely and hope to progress in the field by helping all that come into contact with them.

Places Investigated
Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, Gettysburg, PA – November 2010
Beanies Bar & Grill, Mt. Joy, PA – January 2011, January 2012
Orphanage, Gettysburg, PA – Winter 2010-present
Jennie Wade House & Museum, Gettysburg, PA – Winter 2010-present
Gettysburg Battlefield and surrounding area – Summer 2010-present
Hall of Presidents, Gettysburg, PA – December 2011
Aldolfos Restaurant, Ocean City, MD – January 2012
Private Residences

*Kendra Belgrad – Team LeaderĀ & Temporary Case Manager
*Dwayne Pope – Investigator
*Christina Smith – Researcher & Investigator
*Eric Nelson – Investigator
*Shawn Kennedy – Investigator in Training
*Robert Belgrad – Web Master