Paranormal Journeys Expo

Paranormal Journeys Expo is presented by Midnight Watchmen &, the expo is designed to bring the Public & paranormal together for the event, offering vendors, local as well as regional paranormal groups, food, fun, and lectures on various subjects.

The Beginning (2013)
September 21st & 22nd, 10am to 6pm

Homewood Suites, 1200 Pennbrook Parkway, Lansdale, PA 19446

*Gerry Medvec
*Fairless Hills Paranormal
*Healing Arts Radio
*Midnight Watchmen
*Pinelands Paranormal
*The Shadows Radio
*Society of Paranormal Research & Education (S.P.R.E.)
*Reiki with Becki
*New Jersey Ghost Organization
*S&D Paranormal Society
*Spirit Cove, LLC
*South Jersey Ghost Research (SJGR)
*The Ghost Hunter Store
*Reiki & The Lansdale/Philadelphia Psychic Development Group
*Ghostly Images Tours of Gettysburg
*Traci Law – Stirling Raven Imagery
*11th Hour Paranormal Research Society
*Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee – East Coast
*Pam Frisco

*Kendra Aerielle Kittle – My Experiences in the paranormal
*Frank LazzaroParanormal Safety & Protection
*Rebecca Lynch – Preserving History Through Paranormal Investigation
*Erick Bee – Skeptic’s View of Common Paranormal Theory
*Danielle Stimpson – Shamanism & Working with the Deceased
*Jennifer Stein – Crop Circles in the United States
*John Sabol – Ghost Excavations on An American Civil War Battlefield
*Mark Cloudfoot – The Legacy of Toltec Dreaming
*Kenny Biddle – Long Exposure Photography in Paranormal
*Dave Juliano – The Dangers of Ghost Hunting, They Aren’t What You Think!
*Chad Stambaugh – Ethics & Morals in the Paranormal
*Frank Lazzaro with special guest Kenny Biddle – Debunking
*Connie Bell-Dixon – White Light Healing
*Gerry Medvec – Unidentified Flying Objects

Living The Dream (2014)
*September 27th, 10am to 6pm

*Graeme Park, 859 County Line Road, Horsham, PA 19044

Public Investigation
*Keith House 8:00pm to 2:00am

*Society of Paranormal Research & Education (S.P.R.E.)
*Black Moon Paranormal Society
*The Ghost Hunter Store
*Ghost Detectives/Nepa Paranormal
*Fairless Hills Paranormal
*The Shadows Radio
*Robin Murhpy
*Batty About Ghosts
*Identity Graphics & Printing
*Morbid Images
*Anomalies Research Society
*Reiki with Becki
*Chuck Sanders
*Judy Kay
*Paranormal Investigators of Philadelphia
*Dawn Strouse – Intuitive Tea Leaf Readings

*Kenny Biddle & Frank Lazzaro – Bringing a little science & critical thinking into the paranormal.
*Kevin Meares – Cryptid & Folklore
*Matt Tierney – Exploring the Occult and Possessions
*John J. Higgins – A History of the Angels
*Robyne Marie – Photo Scrying Demo
*Paranormal Round – Table Q&A with Dave Juliano, Bob Christopher, Kenny Biddle, Katie Christopher, Traci Law & John C. Fowler
*Dave Juliano – Why Some Cleansings, Blessings and Exorcisms Fail

Flirting with Time (2015)
*September 19th, 10am to 6pm

*Graeme Park, 859 County Line Road, Horsham, PA 19044

Public Investigation
*Keith House 8:00pm to 12:00am


  • Anomalies Research Society
  • Black Moon Paranormal Society
  • Chuck Sanders
  • The Ghost Hunter Store
  • Identity Graphics & Printing
  • RADaKL Bodyworks
  • Batty About Ghosts
  • P.U.P.S.
  • Keystone Spirit Seekers
  • NJRope
  • Geeks & Ghosts
  • Ghostly Images Tours of Gettysburg
  • Midnight Watchmen
  • Paranormal Rehab
  • Geeks & Ghosts
  • Robyne Marie
  • Frank J. Bennett
  • Ghost Detectives
  • Accent Aroma
  • Connie Bell-Dixon’s School of Metaphysics
  • Morbid Images
  • Christopher DiCesare
  • The Dominion Ministry
  • Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine!

*Laurie Hull – Researching Haunted History
*Shannon Jones – History of Paranormal Investigation in the Victorian Era
*Kenny Biddle – Analyzing Paranormal Photography
*Tom Conwell – U.F.O. Sightings In Pennsylvania
*Dave Juliano – So You Want to be a Demonologist?
*Paranormal Round Table Q&A with Dave Juliano, Kenny Biddle, Traci Law, Katie Christopher, John C. Fowler & Chris DiCesare