NJ Society for Paranormal Research is an American paranormal investigation firm based in Southern NJ, with an affiliate office in the York County area of Central Pennsylvania. On October 28th, 2014 Founder Kevin Ranoldo announced the group would cease to exist at the end of 2014 in a facebook post. 1

NJSPR was formed by Kevin & Melissa Ranoldo in 2008. The driving force behind the formation of the group came from both Kevin and Melissa’s shared personal experiences dealing with the paranormal as children. Their experiences left them looking for answers and instead only got criticism and the typical responses that it was their imagination or all in their heads. In forming NJSPR, Kevin and Melissa seek to be a source of comfort and understanding to those who are experiencing paranormal activity. Now married, Kevin and Melissa run the group out of their home in Southern NJ.

In 2009, Kevin’s long time friend, Karl Weinke, joined the group. Karl attended Alderson College in West Virginia where he studied Christian Ministries. He served as an associate pastor for a small church in West Virginia and performed his ministry internship at the Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, NJ. Karl has a deep understanding and an extensive knowledge of both the occult and Judeo-Christian theology. In joining the group, Karl’s goal is to help promote the power of God in the defense against demonic powers in the world. He functions as both NJSPR’s Spiritual Advisor and as the Director of NJSPR’s field office in York County, PA. There he and his investigative team service the Lancaster, York, Harrisburg area.

In 2010, NJSPR established its website in an effort to reach out to more people through the internet. In addition to its own website, NJSPR is listed on Paranormal Societys and East Ghost websites & databases for paranormal groups which are listed state by state and city by city.

NJSPR exists overall to help others. Our mentality is reflected in our mission statement.
*(1) to provide assistance to anyone who is being victimized by paranormal activity in their home or place of business by providing professional paranormal investigation services,
*(2) to provide literature and information about the paranormal through lecture, written materials, and professional investigation to raise awareness and educate the public about the paranormal, and
*(3) provide the scientific community with documented, physical evidence of the paranormal in order to show the validity and reality of the unseen world of the supernatural.

NJSPR functions to help those being victimized by paranormal activity. Since our primary goal is to help others, we take a very personal approach to our investigations. Upon initial contact, which is almost always made via email or contact form from our website, we begin with an informal phone conversation/interview. This phone interview has two purposes, (1) to make the client feel comfortable with us before allowing us into their home, and (2) to obtain an overview of the activity in the home so we better understand what we will be dealing with once on site. At the conclusion of the phone interview a time and date is set when a small team, usually two to four team members, will go to the client’s home and conduct an in-person formal interview.

During this first visit to the client’s home several things happen. First each member of the family is interviewed by an NJSPR member, even if they are not experiencing the activity reported. The family’s experiences are recorded on audio for later transcription. Each family member is interviewed separately to ensure accuracy. Children are interviewed with their parents unless their parents give permission for them to be interviewed individually. While the family is being interviewed, another member or members of the team will take photographs of every room as well as video footage of the entire house. EMF and temperature base readings are taken and logged as well as any noticeable phenomena such as drafts, creaking floor boards, or evidence of rodent or animal problems. Finally, after all the interviews and preliminary observations are logged, a date and time is scheduled when the actual investigation will take place.

Between the time of the in-person interview and the on-site investigation, a large amount of research is done. Seventy percent of NJSPR’s work on an investigation is done in the library as research. Items of interest for our researchers on a particular case may involve property history, research on previous owners, historical research of the land, client’s family history (if permissible), and even crime data on the area or property. Doing research is one aspect of paranormal investigation that is not typically shown on the paranormal reality shows on network or cable television, but it is one of the most important aspects of the field. The history of a property and its owners, both past and present, is vital information and is essential to allow NJSPR investigators to adequately help the client and their family.

NJSPR specializes in demonic/inhuman haunting. Many in the paranormal world believe that demonic haunting make up a small percentage of haunting as a total. We at NJSPR view these haunting differently. We believe that demonic haunting make up a larger percentage of haunting yet are significantly unreported. This may be because of the stigma associated with demonic activity or perhaps those experiencing this activity do not recognize it or are afraid to report it for fear of ridicule. NJSPR seeks to be a source of support for those experiencing demonic paranormal activity.

Places Investigated
*Rehmeyer’s Hollow, Shrewsbury, PAâ – November 2008
*Codorus Furnace, Hellam Township, PA – October 2009
*PRIVATE RESIDENCE-Pine Hill, NJ-November 2011
*PRIVATE RESIDENCE-Vineland, NJ-January 201

Conference Appearances
*Deleware Paranormal Expo
*AuGhost Paranormal Conference

Team Members
*Kevin R. Ranoldo – Founder/Director
*Melissa L. Ranoldo – Co-Director/Lead Investigator
*Karl Weinke – PA Division Director/Lead Investigator/Demonologist

*Bobby Zmirich, Investigator
*Nathan Smith, Investigator
*Jennifer Bond, Investigator
*Kimberly Cassarotto, Investigator
*Frank Baum, Investigator PA Division

*Elizabeth Weinke – Specialist & Research Consultant
*Edward Yaksta – Associate Member/Part Time Investigator

External Links
*Official Website was www.njspr.org (site no longer active)


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