Nexus Paranormal Investigations

Nexus Paranormal Investigations, is a small group of investigators that will always conduct their business in a professional manner.

While they will accept donations to help offset the expense of their travels, at no time will they charge a client for their services. The client that contacts them has done so because they feel uncomfortable in their surroundings and are looking for help. Nexus will make every effort to assist them and help them to once again feel comfortable in their surroundings. If they are not able to help with the issues the clients are having, they will reach out and contact others in this field to ask for assistance. They have made many friends in the field and know that they can reach out to any of them for assistance. Never will they leave a client with an unresolved problem.

They are not in this for the fame or the fortune. This is a passion and a calling for every member of the team and they will always put the client first. They have reached out to us because they are in need of help and may be living in terror. Their only goal is to help the client.

Nexus will strive to gather evidence and try to explain what is happening and will do their best to be open minded, look at evidence from all angles and see if it’s real or can be explained.

Once they have done an investigation, they will contact the client within two weeks and discuss the findings. Also this client will remain in their files and the team will reach out to them from time to time to make sure all is well and if any further help is needed.

Nexus Paranormal will not share any evidence from an investigation unless they receive written permission from the client. It is understood that the client is already in an uncomfortable place and there is no need to make it worse.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2010 by Bill Hoeks and Cory Stolberg

They are a small group of professional investigators that do not charge for our services. They have a passion for this field and is not a weekend hobby. While they are not “GhostBusters” they will try to help the client feel more comfortable in their home. With a strong belief that the spirits have something to say and pass on, they are always at the ready to listen.



Techniques Used

Their favorite piece of equipment is our SB7 ghost box. We have had success with this item as well as our “Shack Hack” and have gathered many voices and gotten some surprising results from using this tool in Waverly Hills as well as in many private clients homes.

As was stated at the beginning, they believe the spirits have something to say and we are always listening. they do many E.V.P. sessions when in a location and do not have a set number of questions to ask or the same questions over and over again at each location.

They do use our IR cameras, full spectrum cameras and still cameras to try and capture images on video or in a photo.

They use what works best for them and always try new things, never being locked into one way to investigate and have learned from working with others, taking a little bit with them each time and working into our way of doing investigations.

Places Investigated

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky; Old Lake County Jail, Crown Point, Indiana.

Notable Investigations

Current Members

Cory Stolberg, CoFounder, Historian
Bill Hoeks, CoFounder, Video Specialist

Former Members

Noah Tysick, Occult Specialist

Groups Worked With

EVP; Extreme Vision Paranormal
TSP; TriState Paranormal of Northern Kentucky

Media Mentions

Events Attended

Paranormal Kicks Cancer September 2011

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