Mocknick, Cheryl

Cheryl Mocknick was born, raised, and lived all her life in and around the city of Philadelphia. Her interest in the paranormal began in her teenage years when she had a brief encounter with a spirit in her bedroom late one night. After that incident, she began reading books on the paranormal, especially those written by Hans Holzer. As an adult, Cheryl began watching every ghost hunting show on television which fueled her passion for the paranormal and gave her a strong desire to become an investigator. After attending a couple of public ghost hunting events hosted by the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society, Cheryl was hooked. Her journey into paranormal investigating began when she joined the Fairless Hills Paranormal Group in February 2011. With FHPG, she learned to investigate haunted public locations. In March of 2013, Cheryl met members of NJROPE  and joined the group later that same year in July. NJROPE continued Cheryl’s education and training in paranormal investigating. She is particularly interested in helping people who are troubled by entities.

Cheryl is currently the Co-Director of SRT for NJROPE.


Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA; Burlington County Prison, Mt. Holly, NJ; The Library Company of Burlington, Burlington, NJ; Salem Creekside Inn, Bensalem, PA; GAR Museum, Philadelphia, PA; Cintra Mansion, New Hope, PA; Red Mill, Clinton, NJ; Point Lookout Lighthouse, Scotland, MD; White Hill Mansion, Fieldsboro, NJ; Marconi Hotel, Wall, NJ; Pennhurst State School, Spring City, PA; Bolton Mansion, Levittown, PA; Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia, PA; Selma Mansion, Norristown, PA; Absecon Lighthouse, Atlantic City, NJ; Old Mill, Allentown, NJ; Jenny Wade House, Gettysburg, PA; private homes and business locations.