Midnight Watchmen

Official logo used from 2007 to present.
Official logo used from 2007 to present.

The Midnight Watchmen is an American paranormal group located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They have conducted multiple investigations free of charge on local urban legends, myths, claims of ghosts and reportedly haunted locations in Pennsylvania. In 2013 they began co-hosting the yearly Paranormal Journeys Expo with www.paranormaldictionary.com, which raises money for a charity and/or a historic haunted 1

Mission Statement

K2 Logo 2009
K2 Logo 2009

The goal of The Midnight Watchmen is to investigate paranormal happenings and Urban Myths in a professional and informative manner to either tangibly prove or disprove it’s occurrence. We always will provide our services free of charge, as well as to help the public better understand the nature of supernatural phenomena. The Midnight Watchmen wants to let anyone who has or is experiencing this type of phenomena to know that they are not alone… 2

During investigations they use various equipment, including digital audio recorders, digital Cameras, day/night still picture game camera, EMF detectors, KII Meters, laser thermometer, Green Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video Cameras, DVR Camera System with Night Vision Cameras and motion detectors. 3


Redesigned logo 2011
Redesigned logo 2011

After a preliminary interview and meeting with a client, Midnight Watchmen will perform an investigation typically lasting around four to six hours. During the investigation, researchers will utilize their equipment in an attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity, as well exploring every possible logical explanation for the alleged activity. In many cases the investigation will not personally experience any paranormal activity. However, when all the audio and video recordings are later analyzed it is often then when evidence is discovered. Once all of the evidence is analyzed the team presents its findings to the client. There is never a charge for any of these services.

Techniques Used
In their attempts to communicate with spirits they employ the techniques of provoking, use of trigger objects, conducting EVP sessions, and the use of common sense.

Places Investigated
Bristol Cemetery, Bristol, PA; Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA; Fairfield Inn, Fairfield, PA; Knecht’s Bridge; Hall of Presidents, Gettysburg, PA; Jennie Wade House &  Museum, Gettysburg, PA; Numerous Private & Historic Residences; Old Bethlehem Road Hotel, Quakertown, PA; Orphanag, Gettysburg, PA; Perkasie Train Tunnel, Perkasie, PA; Perkasie Trolley Tunnel, Perkasie, PA; Sach’s Bridge, Gettysburg, PA; St. James Epicospal Cemetery, Bristol, PA; Stemie’s Place (Former Black Horse Inn), Easton, PA; Van Sant Bridge, Solebury, PA; Boehm’s Church, Bluebell, PA; Battleship New Jersey, Camden, NJ 4

Notable Investigations
First team ever to Investigate simultaneously both the Jennie Wade House Museum and Orphanage simultaneously (not once but twice) on December 4th & 5th 2010, as both places have linked paranormal histories and occurrences.

Contact Information
*Phone: 267-208-6526
*E-mail: [email protected]

Current Members
*John C. Fowler (Founder), 2007 – Present
*Jonathan Brandis, 2010 – Present
*Joe Camburn, 2010 – Present
*Christina Smith, (Investigator) 2011-Present
*Trevor Gibson, (Trainee) 2012 – Present

Former Members
*Tony Fantozzi, 2007 – 2102
*Jeff Robbins, 2007 – 2012
*Jon Bolton (Investigator), 2007 – 2012
*Jimmy Graver, 2008-2009
*Bekah Liz, 2009 – 2011
*Pablo Vazquez Llavina, 2009
*John Beard, 2009 – 2013
*Jason Steich, 2010 – 2011
*Ryan Camburn, 2010 – 2011
*Amanda Simone, (Researcher) 2011
*Johanna Colvin, (Researcher) 2012

Groups Worked With
*Afterlife Independent Paranormal Investigations
*Spirit Realm Investigation

Media Mentions
*’Jennie Wade House is Haunted DVD’ telling of their experiences at the house.
*Just Another Paranormal Night by Theresa Hegel in October 25th Edition(s) of the Bucks County Courier Times/Intelligencer 5
*The ‘Witch’s Chair’ Legend" by John Mullane in October 26th Edition of the Bucks County Courier was a response article to Just Another Paranormal Night 6
*Guardian Radio on December 1st, 2011 – John C. Fowler, Jonathan Brandis & John Beard of Midnight Watchmen were guests.
*Guardian Radio on March 7th, 2012 – John C. Fowler & Jonathan Brandis of Midnight Watchmen were guests.
*Batteries Drained on March 23rd, 2012 – John C. Fowler.

Events Attended
*’A Night of Paranormal Activity’ – Lecture at Delaware Valley College on Mach 24th, 2011.
*Bolton Mansion Paranormal Expo on June 11th & June 12th, 2011.
*Fort Mifflin Paranormal Expo and Investigation on October 8, 2011.
*’The Return’ – Lecture at Delaware Valley College on March 22nd, 2012.
*Delaware Paranormal Expo on March 5th, 2012.
*Para-Xpo 2012 on October 6th, 2012.
*Tylersport Firehouse Haunted Hayride on October 19th, 20th, 26th & 27th, 2012.
*Paranormal Journeys Expo September 21st & 22nd, 2013.
*Tylersport Firehouse Haunted Hayride on October 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th, 2013.
*Paranormal Journeys Expo September 27th, 2014.

External Links
*Official Facebook is www.facebook.com/mwparanormal
*Official Website is www.midnightwatchmen.com
*Official Twitter is www.twitter.com/MidnghtWatchmen
*Official YouTube is www.youtube.com/user/MidnightWatchmen


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