Mel Meter

The Mel Meter is a dual purpose combination unit that measures both EMF and Temperature simultaneously. The Mel Meter was designed and developed by Gary Galka of DAS Distribution Inc. Gary lost his oldest of three daughters, Melissa. After Melissa’s passing, some incredible things started to happen to Gary and his family. Melissa began to make her presence known through numerous ADC’s (after death communications) to Gary and his family. Gary designed the Mel Meter as a way to communicate with his daughter whom Gary says helped with the healing process.

The device is named after his daughter ‘Mel’ and the model number is her year of birth 87 and her year of passing 04 – “Mel-8704”. For a long time there have been theories that spirits can manipulate the energy fields that surround us. These theories go on to say that energy is heat so when it’s transferred from one location to another it leaves behind a cold spot.

Knowing this Gary built a device to not only register AC/DC EMF fluctuations but at the same time record variances in temperature on a single display.

Realizing that the paranormal community consists of men and woman that donate their spare time and services to help others, Gary initiated a program within his company that donates 10% of his Mel Meter production to various people, paranormal groups, auctions and charities. He believes that the paranormal community in general in time, can and will make a huge difference in our every day lives, and in his words are the “Good Guys” and he simply wants to help these people however he can.


The Mel Meter Model 8704 is an intelligent microprocessor based instrument specifically designed for paranormal investigators & Enthusiasts. The Mel Meter incorporates various different features that are combined into a durable unit designed to be operated with only one hand. First and foremost the Mel Meter is the only instrument on the market to be able to record EMF and Temperature simultaneously. There are many theories that surround the use of EMF meters and Thermometers one such theory being that with EMF fluctuations come what are referred to as cold spots these cold spots are a result of heat (energy) being transferred from one location to another again theories dictate that this destination of energy transference is the point of manifestation, again just theory. In addition to this the unit features a large backlit display with numbers large enough to be viewed from several feet away again as an investigator this means no more fumbling for a flashlight to read the display. It will measure both mG and UT as well as both °F and °C along with the Minimum and Maximum measurements of both EMF and Temperature. The Thermometer uses what is called a Type K (chromel–alumel) general purpose thermocouple.

The thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled a voltage is produced that is linearized in the Mel’s micro-processor. It can then be correlated back to the temperature. They use a custom welded “bead” exposed type K thermocouple which is mass produced just for the Mel. To ensure temperature accuracy, the voltage generated between the thermocouple plug and the Mel’s circuit board is measured and the appropriate correction is applied. This is known as cold junction compensation. It is a great general purpose and very accurate technique for measuring temperature. Any industry standard type “K” thermocouple probe with mini plug can be substituted and plugged into the Mel.

The EMF feature can operate in a standard or “burst” high speed mode, and will measure extreme low frequency (ELF)as low as 30Hz this is 20Hz lower than the KII Meter which measures only as low as 50Hz. 50Hz is not considered to be part of the ELF range. The theory again being that an entity may be present in the ELF range of the EMF spectrum which commonly registers between 2.0 and 7.0 mG in strength. Most teams use EMF meters to debunk claims of activity claiming that long exposure to high EMF can cause paranoia nausea even effect moods but I think its important to know that this may not be the ONLY use EMF meters remember that the field of paranormal investigation is fraught with theory after theory and until their can be 100% dismiss a theory it remains as much part of the investigation as any other. As long as there is something to the theory we should research and develop tools to test them. Other important observations worth mentioning is that the Mel meter circuit design combined with careful shielding and grounding techniques, is not susceptible to false positives created by Cell phones, Text messages, Walkie Talkies, and other RF transmitting interference devices.

The display is a large display with large easy to read numbers. In fact, the actual EMF number size is 0.60″ and 0.25” for the Ambient Temperature both displayed on the same 2” X 1” screen. The Backlight can be turned on or off manually and is bright enough to illuminate an object approx 8ft away it also aides the user in navigating stairs and such in total darkness.

Another neat feature with the unit is that it has a fold out stand and tripod mount in the back of the device this allows you to place the Mel Meter on a table and prop it up. This is good for recording a session with a camcorder.

Something particularly frustrating with these kinds of devices is battery drain with all that they do you find that half way through an investigation you need to replace your batteries. However, this is not the case with the Mel meter. In fact the Mel Meter will operate for 40 hours continuously without the backlight display and about 15 hours or so with the backlight on continuously. If you have the Mel-8704-ProNavigator with the flashlight, you’ll get 5 hours of constant flashlight and backlight display operation on average.