Meadville Paranormal Investigation Team was founded on April 19,2008, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. They are a non-profit group comprised of individuals who enjoy learning, researching the paranormal and local history.

Mission Statement
We are a skilled Paranormal Investigation Team that strives to help the community and families better understand the misconceptions of the unknown.
We do not discriminate against race, creed, age, handicap, gender, or national origin when prospecting for new Members or when going to meet a new Client.
We handle every case with care, sincerity, honesty and respect. We, as a team, will do our best to provide you with the highest quality of service and will answer all questions and concerns in a timely manner. If for some reason we are unable to provide proper service to you, we will direct you to someone who can.

Current Members
*Jim Malliard, (Co-Founder) 2008-Present
*Tabitha Malliard, (Co-Founder) 2008-Present

Former Members
*Audrey Hamilton, (Investigator, Case Manager) 2009-2012

External links
*Official Website is www.meadvilleparanormal.org
*Official Facebook is www.facebook.com/mpit2008
*Official Twitter is www.twitter.com/Mpit
*Official YouTube is www.youtube.com/user/mpit2008