Williams, Kris

Kirs WilliamsKris Williams was a Lead Investigator on SyFy’s paranormal reality series Ghost Hunters International (G.H.I.), before that she was the Case Manager and Historical Researcher for Ghost Hunters.


Kris was born February 20, 1981 in Lowell Massachusetts, and grew up in New England. She takes great pride in being a bit of a tomboy. Most of her studies in high school revolved around art until she took in an internship at a local radio station. At this local station she worked the soundboards and performed some broadcasting. This internship lead to her attending a local college to major in Communications.

Before deciding to leave school, Williams began working for a local modeling agency, Click, Boston. During her years at Click she worked in several hair shows, runway shows and local print work. After working as a model for three years she decided to start taking acting class at C.P. Casting in Boston. Williams soon found work in various non-speaking roles in local movies and TV shows, such as Waterfront, Brotherhood, 21, Mystic River and Fever Pitch. After auditioning for several roles from local movies, TV shows and soap operas she decided quit the pursuit of acting and go back to school for Photography and Web Design. Two weeks into her school semester she was called to work on Ghost Hunters as the historical researcher and case manager. She was asked to join the show due to her strong skepticism and research background (she has a strong love for Genealogy and has been researching her family since age 11). She was also brought in for being a strong female on what was an all male team.

At the time, Kris decided to take the job for a personal reason. During the previous year, 5 people she knew had passed away in 11 months and she found her self in a strange spot. Having not been raised in a church she did not have much of a belief in a life after death. On the other hand, her family was always very open and interested in the paranormal due to personal experiences. These five deaths made her realize that her two beliefs completely contradicted each other. After having lost so many in such a short time, she felt compelled to get involved with Ghost Hunters in hopes of answering some of her own questions about death. Despite everything in her wanting to believe, she remains a no nonsense skeptic. Williams worked on Ghost Hunters for over three years, filming over 80 episodes for the TV show.

Williams was a Lead investigator on Ghost Hunters International (G.H.I.). She now travels the world investigating old historic locations. She has also made a few appearances on Syfy’s Destination Truth as a guest investigator and paranormal expert.

While on Ghost Hunters Williams picked up the nickname “Bait” during the return visit to St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida. She is known as a female who doesn’t scare easy and enjoys investigating alone.

Before working in the paranormal Williams worked as a flooring installer and carpenter. She enjoys genealogy, traveling and is a huge classic rock fan. She is currently learning how to play guitar.

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