Roth, Jesse

Jesse (Judson) Roth (AKA-JRo) was born on August 2nd, 1975. She was born at her home in Dublin, Pennsylvania. and rushed to the Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, Pa immediately afterward. She is a paranormal researcher and the host of the Paranormal Enlightenment w/ JRo podcast on the Outcasts Of Radio Network.

Early Years

She lived in a haunted farmhouse in Perkasie, Pa until at the age of 8 her family moved to the haunted town of Riegelsville in Upper Bucks County, Pa. She always had an interest in the paranormal. The town she grew up in (Riegelsville) is well known in the Paranormal Community as the towns local Pastor (Jeffrey Wargo) has written two books about it. As a teenager she and her friends would drive around looking for haunted locations. She went to work immediately after high school, went on to start a family and her Paranormal hobby took a side seat to everyday life. She still enjoyed reading and researching the paranormal but only when time allowed.

She gained the nickname JRo from a former co-worker while walking into work one day and then when was asked to start initialing paperwork uniquely since 2 other co-worker also had the same initials she simply just started signing JRo and it stuck.

2011 to Current

After some injuries and illness, Ms.Roth found herself unemployed and bored so she started getting back into her Paranormal Research and decided to join a paranormal team to keep learning more. The first team she joined in 2011 is no longer in existence but while on that team she met Scott Burke and his then fiance, now wife, Melissa Stecker. In 2012 she went on to join Mr. Burke’s team Spirits of Native American Paranormal (S.O.N.A.). During her time with SONA Paranormal she investigated several locations both public and private in Northampton and Bucks Counties. Mr. Burke (D-Thunder) and, Mrs Burke (Lady M) also own New Rox Radio station which gave JRo her first internet radio jobs. She co-hosted the stations flagship show (Sounds of the Warrior Spirits) and Hosted her own show called “In the Basement w/ JRo”. Under D-Thunder’s leadership is where she learned several aspects of Native American beliefs and also how to put together a radio show.

In late 2013, due to a geographical move and a need to go in another direction with her research she amicably left SONA Paranormal. She is still friends with SONA and strongly supports their work. A rarity in the Paranormal field.

Early in 2014, John C. Fowler (whom she had met late in 2013) had offered her the opportunity to once again have her own show (Paranormal Enlightment w/ JRo). The significance of this opportunity was that it would be podcast (and not aired live) so that she could work around her own schedule due to chronic illness. While she jumped at the chance, She does still do the show however she took a hiatus in April 2014 but is due back sometime in December of 2014. Doing research for an article on local paranormal conventions and stumbled across a convention that John Fowler and his team (Midnight Watchmen) were hosting in conjunction with When she did her phone interview she realized they had crossed paths online as early as 2008. She finally met him face to face at his Paranormal Journeys (Paranormal Expo) convention in September of 2013. Since then they have formed a brother/sister like friendship, He is the Executive Producer of her radio show and quite often they bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other.

Between 2011 and 2014 JRo has investigated with several teams and other investigators such as: SONA Paranormal, Pennsylvania Underground Paranormal Society (PUPS), Midnight Watchmen, Chuck Sanders, Roslyn Bown, NEPA’s The Ghost Detectives, Dave Juliano (now with The Ghost Detectives), Pastor Jeffrey Wargo (Author of Ghosts in The Ville and More Ghosts in The Ville).

Places Investigated

The Riegelsville Firehouse – Riegelsville Pa. 1
The Newburg Inn – Nazareth Pa. 2
The Sun Inn – Bethlehem Pa. 3
Diamonz Nightclub – Bethlehem Pa.
Midnight Studios – Phillipsburg NJ.
A Former Church Parsonage (now a private residence) -Location Undisclosed
Selma Mansion – Norristown Pa.
Kieth House at Graeme Park – Horsham Pa
And several private residences in Bucks and Northampton Counties

Notable Mentors

Bob Christopher,
Lisa Terio and Dawn Marano,
John C. Fowler

Other Ventures

In her spare time JRo lends her voice occasionally to the nationally syndicated radio show called Rockgasms. She also helps out her friends at Steelwire Productions.

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