Howell, Michael

Michael Howell began his journey into the paranormal while studying occult and Native American traditions. Finding it to be a calling, he has since delved head first into occult and mystical knowledge, Native American customs and paranormal theory. Michael has had numerous unexplainable experiences while delving into magickal concepts. He considers himself a paradox in that he is both a believer and yet very skeptical and scientifically minded. The desire to find confirmation on his past experiences–and his hunger to capture the truth–has driven him to become a paranormal investigator. Michael joined NJROPE 2012. His willingness to teach helped him to become one of the Officers of NJROPE┬áin 2012. Mike left the team in 2013.

Personal Life

Michael worked part-time at a metaphysical store–spending his hours there reading and taking notes from various texts, as well as practicing the Tarot professionally. He answered inquiries to clients regarding various traditions and techniques while learning both from his Mentor and alone in his own solitary practice. During his time there, he became a Veterinary Techician–inspired to help animals by his experiences with Animal Totems. Though he no longer performs divination professionally, he is known to provide free Tarot readings to friends, family and to patrons at his favorite bar. Michael also has a love of technology and has an excellent understanding of computers, cameras and paranormal equipment.

Media Mentions

NJROPE was featured in the Allentown, NJ “Messenger Press” article 1 for its involvement at a fundraiser for the Allentown, NJ Library on October 26, 2012


NJROPE was featured on Atlantic City’s News 40 during an investigation of Absecon Lighthouse on January 19, 2013 2