Greenup County Paranormal Society

GCPS LIKE FB11Greenup County Paranormal Society is a team of paranormal investigators in Greenup County Kentucky, who set out to find answers about the after life. All services are free and handled discreetly. The team was formed in early 2009. The team was founded by Lead Investigators Steve Gartin and Jayson Scaff. As well as Case Manager LiLi Gartin, Steve’s wife. They come from various backgrounds and each of them brings something different to the table. There are a few Christians in the team and some are Preachers. They are not a Christian based team though. They have a Wiccan in their team and all are like family in a family type environment. The Preachers are able to bless a home if needed instead of calling in a Priest or Minister to do so.

GCPS allows their clients to be there while they investigate. When asked, they said “Because, It builds a friendship; If the client forgets a claim, and something happens they can say “oh yea that happens too”; They see how we work; I wouldn’t want complete strangers in my home, why would I expect them to & It gives them a chance to witness the spirits reactions” GCPS has a camera crew that are investigators in their team who film the investigators and activity. They upload videos on Youtube for their fans to check out the cases.

Greenup County Paranormal Society covers Kentucky, Ohio, & West Virginia. They are FREE and Professional. They will be private should you wish.  GCPS founded a Paranormal network with Western Kentucky Paranormal called “Through the Spectrum” in June, 2013.


“Carpe noctem – Seize the Night.”

“As paranormal researchers, we are the mouth for the spirit clients to speak to the fleshly clients”~Lead Investigator Steve

Tracking the Past in the Present

Contact Information


Mission Statement

To answer the age old question, Do spirits walk among us.
To give help and peace to those who seek it.
To make the unseen, seen
Tracking the Past, in the Present

Equipment Used

Camcorder; Full Spectrum Camera; Full Spectrum High Definition Digital Video Camera; 48 Led IR light;  Epod EMF Detector;  Cell Sensor with Probe – Using the Cell Sensor as an EMF/ELF meter requires the use of an external sensor probe. Without the probe the Cell Sensor measures only RF emissions and is calibrated for emissions in the 900 MHz 1800 MHz band which is generally Cell phones. We also use this device for direct yes and no communication. (Detects cell phone radiation and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields Delivers audible and visual alerts upon detection Includes remote probe for ease of measurement~Spirits can use this to communicate with the flashing light and sound of the alarm);  EMF Detectors; KII Meter; Grid Laser Pointer;  Mini DVR Motion Sensor; IR Night shot camera;  Ovilus X;  Ghost Box P-S87; Mel Meter; Hunters Camera; Zmodo 4 ch. DVR System .

Current Members

  • The Owners & Leads

Lead Investigator – Steve Gartin
Lead Investigator – Jayson Scaff
Lead Investigator – Karen Thompson
Case Manager – LiLi Gartin

  • Tech/Camera Crew

Tech Manager/Camera – Christi Dye

  • Investigators

Rozella Stith (Roe)
Charles Carrington (Researcher / Historian)
Jeff Bays (Part Time Lead Investigator..Meaning if a Lead Investigator cannot make it, he steps up and helps)
Steve Gartin Jr (Junior Investigator)
Angel Gartin (Junior Investigator)

  • Trainees
  • Analysis Team

Their job is go over EVERY piece of equipment. They will watch the DVR while listening to the voice recorders. They will tag possible hits of EVP and write them down. Steve will, at the end, place them on the PC and amp and clean if needed and what is not a EVP, he will throw out. If they are, he will write them as he hears them. He then goes over the camcorders and clips evidence and personal experiences for our clients and YouTube channel. Then he makes a video and uploads it to YouTube and links the video to our page and group.

Steve Gartin ((Final Analyst))
Karen Thompson
Jayson Scaff ((Part Time))
LiLi Gartin ((Chief Analyst))

  • Reveal Team

The reveal team, after everything is finished, will contact the client and set up a date to go back to the location and show the evidence if any. While there, they will tell the teams personal experiences and show the evidence. They will ALWAYS be the Lead Investigators. They will then explain whether the house is haunted or not and if there is any cause for alarm. Then they will set up another date for a follow up, if the client wishes us to come back.

Steve Gartin
Karen Thompson
Jayson Scaff ((Part Time))

Former Members

Matt Grubb
Christie Grubb
John Gold
Kim McKee
Anthony Caudill
John Collins
Rick Gibbs
Dave Miller
Mindy Pierce
Katie Everman
Terri Everman
John Boyles
Justin Griffith
Lynn Parsons

Through the Spectrum Paranormal Network

GCPS has started at paranormal network called, “Through the Spectrum”. They use the network to help teams get cases close to them. If GCPS gets a call that is far from them, they will contact a team from the network to take the case. TTS was started on June 20, 2013. The teams in the network are:

Greenup County Paranormal Society;  Ole Skool Paranormal (O.S.P); Paranormal Unexplained Metaphysics Association (P.U.M.A.); Paranormal Investigation Team (P.I.T)

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