Midnight Watchmen

The¬†Midnight Watchmen is an American paranormal group located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They have conducted multiple investigations free of charge on local urban legends, myths, claims of ghosts and reportedly haunted locations in Pennsylvania. In 2013 they began co-hosting the yearly Paranormal Journeys Expo with www.paranormaldictionary.com, which raises money for a charity and/or a historic […]

Spirit Realm Investigation

Spirit Realm Investigation (S.R.I./SRI) was founded in 2010, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. S.R.I. is a team dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena and reporting its findings in a factual, unbiased manner. Originally founded by tour guides working for Ghostly Images in historic Gettysburg, PA., but is in no way affiliated with Ghostly Images. These tours would take […]