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SCARED!SCARED! formerly titled as Scared on Staten Island! is an American paranormal public-access television cable TV series that premiered on September 12, 2002 on Staten Island Community Television. Produced by Core Films and Thousand Hats Productions, the program follows and stars a Staten Island-based team of urban explorers who venture into abandoned and condemned buildings in search of paranormal activity. In each episode, three main members, who are collectively known as “The SCARED! Crew” and vary throughout the series, represent three points of view or beliefs: the psychic, scientist, and skeptic. Continue reading SCARED!

Greenup County Paranormal Society

GCPS LIKE FB11Greenup County Paranormal Society is a team of paranormal investigators in Greenup County Kentucky, who set out to find answers about the after life. All services are free and handled discreetly. The team was formed in early 2009. The team was founded by Lead Investigators Steve Gartin and Jayson Scaff. As well as Case Manager LiLi Gartin, Steve’s wife. They come from various backgrounds and each of them brings something different to the table. There are a few Christians in the team and some are Preachers. They are not a Christian based team though. They have a Wiccan in their team and all are like family in a family type environment. The Preachers are able to bless a home if needed instead of calling in a Priest or Minister to do so. Continue reading Greenup County Paranormal Society

Nexus Paranormal Investigations

Nexus Paranormal Investigations, is a small group of investigators that will always conduct their business in a professional manner.

While they will accept donations to help offset the expense of their travels, at no time will they charge a client for their services. The client that contacts them has done so because they feel uncomfortable in their surroundings and are looking for help. Nexus will make every effort to assist them and help them to Continue reading Nexus Paranormal Investigations

Midnight Watchmen

Official logo used from 2007 to present.
Official logo used from 2007 to present.

The Midnight Watchmen is an American paranormal group located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They have conducted multiple investigations free of charge on local urban legends, myths, claims of ghosts and reportedly haunted locations in Pennsylvania. In 2013 they began co-hosting the yearly Paranormal Journeys Expo with, which raises money for a charity and/or a historic haunted 1 Continue reading Midnight Watchmen




TAPS_LogoThe Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) is an organization that investigates reported paranormal activity. Based in Warwick, Rhode Island, United States, TAPS was founded in 1990 by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. In 2004, the organization itself became the subject of ”Ghost Hunters”, a popular weekly American paranormal TV reality series on the Syfy channel. Continue reading TAPS

Spirit Realm Investigation

Spirit_Realm_Investigations_(SRI)Spirit Realm Investigation (S.R.I./SRI) was founded in 2010, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. S.R.I. is a team dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena and reporting its findings in a factual, unbiased manner. Originally founded by tour guides working for Ghostly Images in historic Gettysburg, PA., but is in no way affiliated with Ghostly Images. These tours would take guests into the Jennie Wade House & Museum and Orphanage (formerly the Homestead Orphanage) for true tales of history, and stories of the paranormal. Due to the guide’s many paranormal encounters in these two Civil War era buildings, and the surrounding property, this group was originally formed to investigate the ghostly goings-on in these two specific locations. Continue reading Spirit Realm Investigation


NJROPENew Jersey Researchers of Paranormal Evidence (NJROPE) is  a New Jersey based paranormal group located in Gloucester Township, New Jersey.  Originally started in 2009, the group conducts investigations into the paranormal claims of private homes, businesses,as well as public locations.  NJROPE has a Northern NJ Branch, a Southern NJ Branch, a Pennsylvania Branch as well as a Continue reading NJROPE

Antietam Paranormal Society

Antietam_Paranormal_SocietyAntietam Paranormal Society was founded in April 2008 by a group of friends. Their investigations are not for the purpose of labeling a site as “Haunted” but rather as a experience to document and collect data, to further our understanding of the “unknown” and to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity. The investigative team is professional, dependable, and very serious in their endeavors and are open to investigating private residences’ and business’ confidentially, and free of charge. Continue reading Antietam Paranormal Society