Richard, Kristina

Kristina Richard was born on July 4, 1990 in Massachusetts before moving to South Jersey in 2012 and has been a member of NJROPE since 2012. She is currently an Assistant Co-Director as well as the Tech Manager for the team. Education Associates Degree- Graphic Arts- Digital Photography- Springfield Technical Community College Certificate – Pharmacy […]

Lazzaro, Frank

Frank Lazzaro was born on May 15, 1973 in Camden County, New Jersey. A life long South Jersey native, he was exposed to the paranormal world at an early age, continued to have experiences and over time developed a strong desire to learn how to find ways to understand these personal experiences. His first opportunity […]

Tursi, Nancy

Nancy Tursi is a fourth generation psychic, who was born with the Gift of the Sixth Sense. Who is well known within the Metaphysical Community – She is a certified Psychic Medium, having studied at the reknown Omega Institute in New York, under New York Times bestselling author and Hollywood executive Producer James Van Praagh. […]

Sullivan, Tammy

Tammy Sullivan was born March 19th, 1965. She was raised by Italian parents in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. She graduated from an all Catholic High School and went on to attend Springfield Technical Community College after which she graduated with an Associates Degree in Science and one in Respiratory Therapy. Over the years, Tammy […]

Mocknick, Cheryl

Cheryl Mocknick was born, raised, and lived all her life in and around the city of Philadelphia. Her interest in the paranormal began in her teenage years when she had a brief encounter with a spirit in her bedroom late one night. After that incident, she began reading books on the paranormal, especially those written […]

Howell, Michael

Michael Howell began his journey into the paranormal while studying occult and Native American traditions. Finding it to be a calling, he has since delved head first into occult and mystical knowledge, Native American customs and paranormal theory. Michael has had numerous unexplainable experiences while delving into magickal concepts. He considers himself a paradox in […]

Coonelly, Katie

Katie Coonelly was born on October 4, 1989, in Voorhees, New Jersey. Katie’s interest in the paranormal dates back to the childhood conversations she had with her father, although she believes that he would deny it. Katie has been apart of NJROPE Paranormal since August 2010. Formerly, Co-Director of NJROPE Paranormal, her willingness to learn […]