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Faraday Cage

The term “Faraday Cage” refers to what physicist Michael Faraday, invented in 1836. Also known as a “Faraday shield,” Faraday cages do not have to take the form of an actual cage, but rather they can be any sort of enclosure surrounded by or lined by a mesh of conducting material that blocks electrical fields and radio frequencies.   Its use Continue reading Faraday Cage

Animal Totems

In  animal totems Native American’s believed that their spirit guide was in the form of an animal and that they could embody the characteristics and strengths of said animal during their life. Examples included: those with the Eagle/Owl possessed keen sight and higher knowledge, the Lion/Panther/Tiger meant strength and courage, Cheetah/Hare meant speed, and Fox meant cunning and wit. Continue reading Animal Totems