Spunkie is a solitary goblin or spirit of the Scottish Lowlands that delights in playing tricks on lost travelers.  A Spunkie manifests a light to lure its victims who perceive it as a light in a distant window to their destruction. See Also Ignis Fatuus Kelpie will-o-‘the-wisp


Ifrit or Afreet is a powerful and evil djinn, demon, or monstrous giant in Middle Eastern mythology/lore.  The Afarit are a class of infernal djinn and are believed to be a death spirit. They are drawn to the life-force (or blood) of a murdered victim seeking revenge on the murderer. As with ordinary djinn, an […]

Animal Totems

In  animal totems Native American’s believed that their spirit guide was in the form of an animal and that they could embody the characteristics and strengths of said animal during their life. Examples included: those with the Eagle/Owl possessed keen sight and higher knowledge, the Lion/Panther/Tiger meant strength and courage, Cheetah/Hare meant speed, and Fox […]