Aughost Conference

Aughost_Confernce_2012Aughost Conference was to be presented by International Museum of Spiritual Investigations (I.M.S.I.) and was scheduled to be held August 3rd to 5th, 2012 at the Eisenhower Conference Center located in the beautifully haunted, Gettysburg, PA. Unlike other “Ghost” Conferences. It is designed strictly for those who are intrigued by the paranormal and want to learn more. Other Conferences tend to be bombarded by para-celebrity’s, and it seems to distract people from the true learning experience they deserve. At Aughost, patrons will get to experience discussions and education on another level. From the history of spiritual investigations, to a new form of investigating cold case files with Para-Forensics.

The event was cancelled in July 2012 with no rescheduled date.

Guest Speakers

Chris Dedman – Dangers of Ghost Hunting
Alexandra Holzer – The Holzer Method Lecture
Jonathan Williams – Para-Forensics
Brandy Williams – History of Spiritual Investigations
John Sabol – Acoustic Communications in Ghost Excavations
Misty Bastian – The Outside Perspective of Ghost Research
Sandiee Peters – Near-Death Experience (NDE)
Teddy Skyler – Hypnosis & Investigating
Margaret Ehrlich – Inspired Ghost Tracking ( Experiences )
L’Aura Hladik – Ghost Hunting: New Jersey and New York City
Dave Juliano – Keys to Interviewing Witnesses
Christopher Moon – The Spirit Phone
Keith Morrison – Controlling the Environment / Trigger Objects in an Investigation

Paranormal Groups, Psychics, Authors & Vendors

Maria Ray
Tracy Page
Rob Gutro
Inspired Ghost Tracking
Randall Keller
Kentucky Paranormal
The Ghost Hunter Store
Christopher Moon
International Museum of Spiritual Investigations (I.M.S.I.)
Ghost Hunting Source
Patricia Marin
Teddy Skyler
Sandiee Peters
Christopher Gibbons
Karen Robert’s Stained Glass

External Links

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