Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysteries

Arthur_C._Clarke's_Mysteries_by_John_Fairley_and_Simon_WelfareArthur C. Clarke’s Mysteries is book by John Fairley, Simon Welfare, & Arthur C. Clarke. Published by Prometheus Books in September 2000. ISBN 978-1573928335


“The universe is such a strange and wonderful place that reality will always outrun the wildest imagination.” — Arthur C. Clarke
Is it possible that there are monsters in the ocean? Do certain people have the apparently effortless ability to endure intense pain? Is time travel possible? Could the Parthians have invented the first battery in 240 B.C.E.? Can you will someone to die? How did the ancient South Americans draw massive land pictures that can only be viewed from a great height?¬†All these strange phenomena–and many more–are investigated by authors John Fairley and Simon Welfare in an entertaining style. And Arthur C. Clarke contributes his own analysis to each chapter. His opinions are always thoughtful and wise, and often witty and provocative.