Adventure_Myths_2012AdventureMyths is a paranormal investigation group that specializes in creating documentaries for public historic locations with a legend of being haunted. The group investigates locations internationally and is based out of the southern Maryland area. Founded in 2006 by Frank J. Polievka Jr., AdventureMyths has a unique approach to their paranormal investigations. The group only works with historic locations, primarily, that are open to the public. Whenever the group investigates a location, it creates a video documentary of the location and investigation to either post on YouTube or publish into a full feature documentary. AdventureMyths documentaries include the history of the location, personal accounts of paranormal activity and footage of the groups investigation. Once the group publishes a full feature documentary, rights are shared with the location investigated so the location owner(s) can reproduce the documentary to sell to help raise funds for the location’s operation. AdventureMyths does not charge locations for their services. Along with paranormal investigations, AdventureMyths also will take adventure trips to various locations. Much like their investigations, all adventure trips are filmed to create a video to upload to YouTube.

Documentaries as of December 2011

  • The Legends of Sotterley
  • Ghostly Encounters at the Mudd House
  • The Legend of Corbin Cabin
  • Hauntingly Charming, Iron Island Museum
  • The Millbrook Farm Grist Mill
  • The Haunts of Historic Jordan Springs

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