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How you can contribute to this??

Don't be afraid to edit (sign up for an account on the top right, its free and easy) anyone can edit almost every page when they are signed in, and they are encouraged to! Find something that can be improved and make it better for example, spelling, grammar, rewriting for readability, adding content, or removing non-constructive edits. If you wish to add new facts, please try to provide references so they may be verified, or suggest them on the article's discussion page. Changes to controversial topics and's main pages should usually be discussed first.

Remember! You can't break this site/project; all edits can be reversed, fixed or improved later. We are aware of the many point of views in the world of paranormal so we hope to have both sides presented in any given topic, as its allowed to be perfect in our imperfections. So go ahead, edit an article and help make this site the best paranormal information resource on the Internet!

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5. It will open a blank page which you can edit! Remember to use dictionary/encyclopedia formats no we, us, but them they, etc.

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