Paranormal Researchers of Oregon Society (P.R.O.S.)

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'The Paranormal Researchers of Oregon Society' was established as a paranormal group to work primarily with other organizations to better meet the needs of its clients in obtaining a more thorough understanding of research and psychology of the paranormal. The Paranormal Researchers of Oregon Society is a scientific based group that focuses primarily on the science of the paranormal in philosophical, historical, and psychological aspects. Focusing on the five aspects of historical, religious, medical, psychological, and geological points of view and research; we can increase a better understanding of each case. We work under extremely controlled environments to eliminate contamination and with using only procedures and equipment that is scientifically proven to be accurate in any investigation. All evidence gathered is highly scrutinized by our group and other professional groups before being deemed as evidence of the paranormal. They proclaim they are not anomaly hunters or thrill seekers, nor do we claim to be ghost hunters and do not accept evidence based on paranormal criteria, but of only scientific evidence using the latest software and equipment; collaborating with other organizations to reach our conclusions.


Each of their members came from other paranormal groups that did not satisfy their need for research and enlightenment. In December of 2010, they started the Paranormal Researchers of Oregon Society in order to strive towards the goal of professionalism they felt was needed and started out by researching other paranormal groups and what equipment that could be used to achieve a more thorough scientific conclusion, then they moved on to join other organizations such as the Oregonians For Science and Reason, Oregon State Police Department, American Society for Psychical Research, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Continuing training to increase professionalism in investigating and knowledge in psychology has helped them better serve the public.

Mission Statement[edit]

We are a team made of individuals of like mind, that make up a professional comprehensive investigative team. We investigate all parameters of the paranormal and supernatural. Our strong commitment to our high standards and protocols make up a highly trained and dedicated team. At no point in time should anyone try anything paranormal unless you are with a member of the clergy or with a paranormal group that knows what they are doing.

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