Kokomo Spirit Seekers

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Kokomo Spirit Seekers

Mission Statement[edit]

Their mission statement is to help the surrounding community with all their paranormal needs and problems. It is their goal to put the city of Kokomo in the paranormal history books as it is their belief that their is alot more paranormal things happening there. NO paranormal problem is to compicated or to big.

Equipment Used[edit]

They use didgital recorders as well as a flashlight and the spirit box and a full spectrum camara and waiting to receive a new mel meter.


They do not use provocation when they dont need to. It is their belief that you can get better responces through studying the history of a location as well as showing respect to those spirits that may be there.

Techniques Used[edit]

They like to simply study history and go into a location and get a feel for the place first. Then they begin by asking if there is any spirits there that want to communicate.

Places Investigated[edit]

They have investigated some cemeteries as well as a local residences.

  • Old Galveston Cemetery, Galveston, Indiana.
  • Residence at Buckeye and Markland, Kokomo,Indiana
  • Residence on Courtland in Kokomo,Indiana with freinds from Ft wayne Shadow Chasers.
  • New Galveston cedmetary.
  • Undisclosed business with members of IGT

Current Members[edit]

  • Victor Nahodil (lead Investigator)
  • Karisa Nahodil (co-lead)
  • Teresa Myers(suporter)
  • Shaun Myers(suporter)
  • Jordan Martin(Investigator)"tech spec"

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